CARdio is a solution that enables our customers to track and trace their vehicles in real time, understand the driver’s driving behaviour and at the same time understand simple vehicle diagnostics via the OBDii device. Customers can have all these information in real time via mobile application. It also has an accident detection feature that automatically sends a signal for emergency assistance in the event of an accident.

OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. Many vehicle manufacturers use this port to access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems.

Firstly, you would need to check if your vehicle has the OBD port. It is usually located at the bottom of the driver’s dashboard. Alternatively, you can refer to our “Vehicle Compatibility List”

Unfortunately, you are unable to use CARdio. Please check for OBD port availability in vehicle before purchasing CARdio.

No. With the OBDii technology, it is as simple as a plug and play solution that does not involve complicated installation.

Yes, download the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play by searching for CARdio. Through the app, you can view the location of your vehicle in real time.

It will take between 1-3 trips to pick up data as the OBDii device will need to calibrate to the vehicle’s protocol and at the same time capture the first GPS signal.

The tracking will be done till the last point of entry into the underground as it leverages on the GPS satellite signal to pin point the vehicle’s location. Nevertheless, once the vehicle is out from the underground carpark, the GPS signal will be recaptured to perform the tracking.

There is a 12 months warranty for the OBDii device from the date of purchase. This warranty is non-transferrable.

Unfortunately, no. It will not be covered under the warranty and customer will need to purchase a new device to continue with the service.

Yes. A customer can utilize the CARdio solution for 12 months subscription package purchased.

Yes. Go to and login with your username which is your email address, go to System Settings, Notification Settings, Select Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Yes, you can. After signing up, visit You will be given a designated login ID and password in order to manage your fleet account.

You will not be able to track your vehicle. Do ensure unit is plugged in at all times to obtain effective tracking data. However, a notification will be sent to the mobile app if the device is unplugged, helping you reduce the risk of theft.

Please contact +60 18-233 4547 (Jason) or +60 10-232 2375 (Rodiziah).

Each device can only be tied to one account. However, you have the option to monitor the data for devices tied to other account provided that the account owner has verified and agreed to it through the mobile app.

An OBDii device is a plug and play device that we use to enable the features of this solution.

As long as the vehicle has an OBDii port running one a 12V battery supply, CARdio Plug & Play will have full compatibility with the vehicle. Please refer to our “Vehicle Compatibility List”.

Yes we do. It is called Enhanced CARdio Wired Solution and this will require professional installation to your vehicle which will be arranged by Omnimatics.

No. Simply unplug the device and inform us in writing ( of your intention to terminate the service.