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  • Live tracking
  • Trip and fuel reporting
  • Bluetooth vehicle control
  • Immobiliser
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Feature Highlights

Easy Tracking

Keep track of your vehicles anytime, anywhere

Behaviour Analytics

Monitor your fleet’s driving behaviour to keep your people, vehicles and the roads safe

Vehicle Dashboard

Keep tabs on the states of all your vehicles in a dashboard view

Accident Detection

Get immediate notifications in case of accident-related emergencies

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An automotive IoT cloud-based fleet management system, accessible anytime and anywhere

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Fleet Management App

Mobile App

Telematics Device

Cloud Reporting

OmniFleet: Revolutionising The Industry


Tap into car sharing by breathing new life into automotive manufacturing, be ahead of the competition and dominate the market

  • Explore new multi-modality mobility businesses
  • Build in-app vehicle control features
  • Smart notifications to increase customer retention
  • Digitise your backend operations


Increase your fleet productivity so you can maximise your fleet utilisation

  • Live tracking to keep your fleet safe
  • Monitor driver behaviour at a glance 
  • Reduce fuel operational costs by monitoring usage
  • Track asset movement in and out of zones


We offer a comprehensive fleet management system so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us

  • Monitor driving speeds and reduce accident risks 
  • Analyse driving violations
  • Mitigate fuel siphoning and vehicle theft

Retail And E-Commerce

Save time and money, stay on top of your fleet whereabouts

  • Access daily vehicle summary
  • Monitor vehicle active and idle times
  • Maximise fleet utilisation

Car Rental

Build your car rental business around our telematics solutions and explore shared mobility together

  • Easy customer onboarding
  • Automate tasks to increase productivity
  • Provide on-demand keyless access
  • Reduce expenditure and scale with ease

3,000+ cars managed in a single platform

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