An automotive IoT cloud-based fleet management system accessible anytime and anywhere

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Telematics Device

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Fleet Management Tool For Your Daily Business Operations

OmniFleet : How-To Guide

For those of you looking to be Omnified and don't know how to do so, this how-to guide is here to help you out of that dilemma

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Fuel Level Monitoring

Reduce fleet operational costs by monitoring your fuel usage. Stay ahead of fuel theft with the help of our fuel sensors

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Driving Behaviour Analytics

Our solutions provide you insights to identify bad driving behaviour once the telematics device is plugged in

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IoT Device To Protect You And Your Family

OmniFleet GPS Tracker

  • Stay on top of your family whereabouts
  • Prevent car theft
  • Fix your driving behaviour 
  • DIY Installation-ready
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Vehicle Immobiliser

You can remotely disable your vehicle engine in the case of unauthorised use or suspected theft

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Reliable Hardware Gives You A Peace Of Mind

Telematics Device

Flexible and reliable IoT device

Vehicle Control Feature

Lock and unlock your car without the physical key

Support Channels

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Fuel Sensor 

No drilling required and hassle-free installation


Immobilise your vehicle in the event of emergency or theft

"Omnimatics has provided a solution that allows every move of our vehicles to be tracked via real-time telemetries."

Deva - GoCar

"Your willingness to diagnose problems over the phone is a total asset to the company, We are looking forward to more development in the system in the coming future."

Nas - CTE Prima

"Tried installing the GPS Tracking device into my Perodua Myvi, it works like a charm. Able to keep track my car when my wife drives it. "

Ken Wu

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