Keeping what you love safe

It's time to dismiss the idea of never knowing where your loved ones are at all times. Be it your elderly parents, your young children, your furbabies, your lone workers or your expensive assets.

Do away with your worries with our personal tracking solution!

MyWemo has… 

Easy to reach emergency button

In case of an emergency, there's an easy to reach and press button

No movement detection

Ensure the personal safety of lone workers and vulnerable loved ones

Great for the outdoors

It's water and dust proof so it's suitable for the great outdoors

Zone creation

Entering and exiting zones will trigger notifications

Up to 50 metres in accuracy

Get great accuracy when there's good data and GPS coverage

Small and lightweight

40g in weight and 44x43x20 mm in size. It's so small it fits your tiniest pouch! 

Protect your... 




Great for situations like...

Abduction, theft or hijacking

Working nights alone

Food and package delivery