CES 2020: What's In Store For The Future?

CES 2020 is currently happening as we speak. With various manufacturers and automakers bringing out their best shows, it's definitely worth checking out their latest innovations and implementations for the future of mobility. 


Audi: Interior Concept


Audi is showing off their concept for the interior designs of the future at the CES stand. We've seen models such as the latest A8 and Q3 which has most of the car's major systems controlled by screens. Some of the controls are still traditional buttons and knobs, but that may soon be a thing of the past. Audi is planning to make full use of screens and Augmented Reality (AR) in their next generation of cars and they say it will be easier and more user-friendly to operate whether you're driving or driven in. 


BMW: i3 Urban Suite


As for the folks from Munich, Germany, BMW has previewed a concept with one of their current model offerings. Dubbed the i3 Urban Suite, this aims to put passengers in a specific mood when commuting. BMWs plan with the Urban Suite i3 is to introduce a newer way of travelling in style and comfort, despite its external size. The concept is displayed in a strict two-seater format. However, could this also mean that the extra space can be utilised fully for the ultimate comfort? We’ll have to wait and see.


Byton: M-Byte


From China, automaker Byton has been busy with the development of their first production electric vehicle called the M-Byte. Now, this is a five-seater SUV that’s capable of a maximum range of 402km on a single charge. If you know Byton, you’d know that their party piece isn’t the power outputs or 0-100km/h times. Instead, they’re focusing more on the interior. As such, the dashboard is dominated by a 48-inch screen flanked across the top half of the dashboard.


Fisker: Ocean SUV


Remember the Fisker Karma? A luxury plug-in hybrid four-seater saloon? That’s gone and in its place for the 2020 model year is the latest Ocean SUV. Fisker’s approach with the new offering is “ultimate sustainability” as parts of the car are made completely out of vegan material and boasts a full-length solar panel roof.


Hyundai: Personal Air Vehicle


From Seoul, Hyundai is previewing a flying car prototype at CES which shows the company’s proposed view of what the future will be like for the world of mobility. Dubbed the Personal Air Vehicle (PAV), this is Hyundai’s contribution to the initiative of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) landscape. Interestingly, this entire ecosystem is also designed to come with autonomous flying capabilities.




Based on the list above, it’s safe to say that automakers are not playing around when it comes to the future of mobility and they are certainly not holding back on the show floor too. What would your thoughts be if a handful of concepts actually becomes a reality? Do let us know.