CNY 2020: Best Roads for Ultimate Fun

CNY is just around the corner. Like most people, I’m sure you who plans to head back to your hometown for the holidays must be thinking, “Which road is best to go home?” Not to worry, this article could be the definitive guide for the most appropriate roads for the inner driver in you.


“The Chill Drive”


Say for example you’re in Klang Valley and your hometown is up north or down south, there’s one highway which most commuters would be familiar with. That said highway is the North-South Expressway (NSE). Connecting both north and south corners of peninsula Malaysia. It doesn’t matter if you need to head all the way up to Penang or Johor Bahru, as the NSE is the best connection for the regular driver in you. Why I say this is the NSE is a long 772km of relatively straight roads, and if you’re not the enthusiastic kind this is the perfect way to travel back to your hometown for the CNY holidays.


Enthusiastic Driving required


Now, if you’re the kind of person who likes to make the most of the long drives, you can always opt for certain B-roads for more fun drives. I’ll give an example. If you’re on the NSE and plan to head up to Cameron Highlands, Pahang, there are two probable exits to take. Each road with its own unique characteristics. If you were to take the Tapah exit, the roads up are narrower and twistier, perfect for those who love throwing their cars into the corners - albeit with caution and responsible driving. On the other hand, the other option would be the Simpang Pulai exit, where the roads are less twisty, but still loads of fun especially in the first few corners.


The Scenic Route


Let’s be honest, the options above are fun in their own way for the driver, but not so much for the rest of the passengers. Which is why this part of the guide is catered specifically to the passengers in the backseats. We all know Malaysia is filled to the brim with beautiful sceneries, but that doesn’t only happen at a standstill. In fact, there are a few roads which provide beautiful views and scenes. For example, if you’re travelling up north to the state of Perlis, then you must go through the district of Changlun. Why? Paddy fields. The roads surrounding Changlun has a vast area of paddy fields, which brings out the feeling of calmness and stillness. Perfect if the driver has been barrelling up the highways.




To conclude this short guide, here’s a short saying for all of you planning to travel during the CNY holidays. “Holiday’s aren’t always about the destination, it's also the journey that also counts.” For those of you travelling, be sure to always drive with patience, care, and to always make sure you make your proper car checks before hitting the road. Happy holidays everyone!