3 Misconceptions About GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Misconceptions have led many fleet managers to refuse to use, or even give GPS tracking a try. However, telematics can actually help managing your fleet vehicles by making them safer and less costly to run on the road.


GPS Tracking Causes Drivers To Quit


Fleet managers are worrying that installing GPS tracking devices onto the fleet vehicle will intimidate the drivers. Drivers may feel that the managers are tracking their every move, making it hard for them to go about their assigned tasks. However, installing telematics devices can ensure the safety of the drivers and security of your vehicles, or even saving lives when they get into an accident. With the aid of GPS tracking, fellow fleet managers will receive an instant notification whenever any of the fleet vehicles has gotten into an accident. 


GPS Tracking Systems Are Complicated To Install And Use


Fleet managers often misunderstand that the telematics device installation processes are complicated. In fact, telematics installation is not troublesome at all. Omni Fleet provide an easy plug and play solution, fleet managers can either choose to drive to Omnimatics office for installation or self-installation. The dashboard is simple to use, fleet managers can either access their fleet via Omni Fleet web app or mobile app. You can now access to your driver's driving behavior and traffic violation, start taking disciplinary action towards drivers who have lower vehicle scoring.


GPS Tracking Devices Are Expensive


Many would think that it is expensive to install telematics devices onto the fleet vehicles and it possesses as a financial burden for the company. Omni Fleet offers an affordable payment plan with the option of contract and no-contract plans, add-ons are available at the start of subscription or later. One can think of it as an investment to risk management as it can save you money from unnecessary fuel consumption and expensive maintenance bills.


The power of data and mobile technology delivers improvements in compliance, driver efficiency and fleet performance. Even if you’re not ready to completely overhaul your current fleet system, you can always choose to retrofit your fleet with Omni Fleet. We are constantly improving our system by providing update and patches that could incrementally modernise your fleet. We grow together with our partners by helping them to distinguish themselves from the pack by leveraging telematics technology.

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