5 Ways To Prevent Car Theft

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Buying a new car is an achievement and yet protecting it takes years of effort and experience. According to The Stars, it is reported that the number of car thefts has dropped by almost half over the past five years. However, you should be still cautious and never risk the chance of losing your car due to your carelessness. Here are 5 ways to prevent your car from being stolen.

Park At A Well Lit Area

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You should always park your car in well-lit areas, these areas should also be an authorised and legal parking areas. Many drivers tend to park their cars in poorly lit places because the parking fee is free. However, these places are not immediately seen by passers-by and this has given the car thief an upper hand to steal your car.

Be Alert Of Your Surroundings

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Be wary of your surroundings when you are planning to park in a secluded area. If you see someone suspicious wandering around the parking lot, it is best to park at somewhere else. Do not simply roll down your windows when you are asked to.  You should always look around your surroundings before you enter or exit your vehicle. If you feel unsafe to go back to your car late at night, ask someone to accompany you. 

Lock And Double Lock

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You should always make sure your car is locked before walking away. Many modern cars come with a remote immobiliser that built in the vehicle key fob. If your car does not have it, consider installing one. You can opt to install a vehicle immobiliser that controllable via mobile app, this immobiliser is being paired with a GPS tracker that is installed in your car so you can enjoy the benefit of monitoring your car anytime and anywhere. Alternatively, another affordable option is to get a steering lock. 

Never Leave Your Car Running Unattended

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Many drivers have tried leaving their car running and let it warm up. This may be convenient however it is an open invitation for a car thief. If you think having someone waiting in the car while leaving your car idling to run a quick errand is a good idea, stop that right now. This is going to waste your fuel, cause harm to your car battery and make the car thief job easier and faster - they just need to hop in and drive off.


Install A GPS Tracker

Many of us have thought that a GPS tracker is the last thing we need in the car. You are wrong. Having a GPS tracker is the ultimate solution for car theft because you can keep track of your car whereabout anytime, anywhere. In the case of car theft, you can assist the police by giving them the GPS coordinate of your vehicle so they can repossess the car within hours after stolen. Bonus feature, keeping track of your loved ones could come in handy with a GPS tracker. If you’re interested to purchase one, visit Omni Store for more information.

My Car Got Stolen, What Should I Do?

You need to make a police report immediately or at least within 24 hours of discovery. Then, you should immediately notify your insurance company in writing with full details. State the details below:

  • Vehicle Registration number
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle color
  • Time of incident
  • Place of incident

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