Driving Behaviour: Incentivising Your Driving

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Back in school, have you ever gotten incentives for being a good student? The same can be said back at home. If you were a good son or daughter, your parents or grandparents would give you a snack. But, what about on the road? Is the term adulting the end of getting incentives? Well nope, as driving too can get you incentives. Why? We’ll show you why in this article.


Why does it exist?

In this modern day and age, driving behaviour sensing is a necessity for multiple parties, especially corporations with a number of fleet vehicles. Why is this so? To put it simply, fleet owners want to constantly monitor their drivers to ensure smooth and safe driving. Just imagine you as an owner of a fleet of vehicles, and your employees or drivers are out running errands in one of your cars. You would definitely want to know the driving behaviour and see whether or not they’re breaking any rules.

Now, some of you might be thinking as to how does driving behaviour work. Essentially, a telematics device which is installed in your car has the ability to monitor your driving patterns, regardless of whether or not you’re driving harshly or commencing in harsh braking and acceleration, it will be reflected in your daily trips. As for the fleet owners or even private owners, you would have the ability to view your driver’s patterns via a smartphone app. 


How does it help?

Obviously, the technology that comes is more than an accessory. On the owner’s end, he or she can actually begin incentivising your driving behaviour. Some companies would have certain benefits and incentives for excellent driving, which doesn’t include long idling, harsh acceleration and braking, speeding and even rough maneuvering.

All of this can not only benefit the fleet owners but also the driver’s themselves, as the driving behaviour monitoring can force drivers to adapt to the new arrangements and thus, making a change for better driving.


Is there a future for features like this?

There is a potentially great future with the implementation of vehicle telematics. If all manufacturers follow suit with the move to telematics in cars, this could potentially reduce the risk of casualties and fatalities on the road. Also, once manufacturers provide the received data to the government transportation body, it will definitely help in creating better incentives for road users.



Now that you’ve seen how important driving behaviour in telematics is, do you think that it’s the right time for you to get yourself one? It could be an item that can help you in many ways you never knew you needed.

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