Safe Driving Comes With Proper Road Conditions

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We all know the saying. Drive safe and you’ll be safe. Well, that may be true for some people but not for others. There has been a time in our lives where we have gone through dangerous experiences while driving. Some have been in minor accidents, some with major accidents and some with fatal and life devastating changes since the accidents. Of course for some cases, this could be avoided with a few life-hacks.


Proper Frontal Visibility


Of course, the most important aspect for a safe drive is often overlooked. The windscreen, which separates the driver and occupants from external factors such as flying debris as well as dust and dirt. How amazing it is that a single piece of glass can protect occupants from any forms of danger. In turn, we as the occupants and drivers should also take care of the windscreen. How, do you ask? The basic method would be to use products such as anti-rain solutions and waxing.


Proper Illumination


All cars come as standard with halogen headlights with the exception of the more expensive models from premium marques which come with either LED headlights or Xenons. However, regardless of lighting module, all headlight clusters are housed with a plastic cover which protects the actual assembly. It is actually easier when using plastic instead of glass but it does pose a problem. After multiple cycles of usage, the lenses are prone to blurring up and can limit the light rays from shining properly. A simple remedy can fix that. Either you use the actual liquid cleaner to give the lens more shine, or use toothpaste to clean it.


Proper Road Conditions


This is something that is usually out of our control as road users. Some of the roads here are riddled with potholes and cracks which can pose a threat to drivers. Of course, we as users of the roads and highways in Malaysia have a right to make a complaint to the road department when there are undulations and potholes. Doing so will create a sense of urgency towards the officials and therefore, taking action.

All in all, these are only a few ways to practice safer driving with many more that can be taken into consideration. So let us all come together and do what’s right as road users.

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