Accident Detection: A Novelty, Soon To Become a Reality

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We have all witnessed accidents in our lives. Regardless of whether it is accidents in the kitchen, bathroom or even the living room. However, a more common kind of accident usually happens on the road. Automotive accidents happens at least twice a day, with the largest contributor coming from those aged between 18 and 45 years.

If you were to look at this from a parent’s point of view, seeing your own child getting hurt in an accident does break hearts. Especially if you have no idea what has happened. That’s where accident detection comes in, and in this article we’ll talk about the importance of the feature and why it’s becoming mainstream in today’s time.


A Novelty

You wouldn’t hear much about accident detection as it isn’t a very talked about feature here in Malaysia. However in other countries, car manufacturers are implementing the said features in their cars as options. Back home, us Malaysians aren’t exactly exposed to the importance and awareness of accident detection in cars, and that could be a missed opportunity for some car buyers and owners. 

Imagine finding out your own loved one was involved in an accident in a secluded, rural area without mobile phone connection. If he or she couldn’t get a signal out to call anyone, things could’ve gotten much worse. As such, this feature isn’t as common as you’d think in current cars, but other companies are making this a common feature in cars and you can already get this feature fitted in your current cars.


Soon To Be Mainstream

With the addition of features like this becoming more and more common in modern day cars, it's no wonder why accident detection is going mainstream soon. It helps end users in scenarios where they previously couldn’t. With the feature fitted in cars, it can detect any abnormalities when driving and notify the fleet or vehicle owner through a mobile application. 

If this becomes a basic function in cars from today onwards, it could help numerous users in the case of accidents involving them and notifying the emergency services, fleet owners or event family members, thus potentially saving lives. Not just that, adding a feature like this also comes with added benefits. Accident detection is another way to alert fleet owners and even regular consumers of their driver or child’s driving behaviour. 

How it works is by notifying the vehicle’s owners on their driver’s driving style. Regardless of whether the car is driven harshly, or driven with excessive speeding and hard braking, all driving behaviors will be documented and analysed. This way, better measures can be taken by the respective parties to identify rough drivers and thus providing a solution to reducing the risk of aggressive drivers on the road.



Now that you’ve seen the importance of accident detection in cars and why they are becoming more and more mainstream in today’s automotive world, is this enough to sway you over to the world of automotive telematics? 

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