Living with Covid - Indoor Activities In KL & Selangor

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Exercising is important for all of us as it helps with gaining, losing or maintaining our weight. But that's not all it does; exercising improves your memory and brain functions, protecting you from many chronic diseases, lowering your blood pressure and much more! 

After knowing all the great benefits, does it makes you want to workout more? Yes? But you don't like the same old boring workout routine and under the hot sun? No worries, you can still keep an active lifestyle and have fun at the same time with indoors activities! Invite your family and friends along and get healthy together.

Here are a few places where you can work on your hot girl/boy summer (all year round in Malaysia) body and at the same time have fun! 

1. Camp5 climbing gym (rock climbing & bouldering)

Can't choose between rock climbing or bouldering? why not both! At Camp5 they have both options in one place! Make your climbing experience easier with their professional guides, certified instructors and programmes. No matter you're new to climbing or just wanting to climb, they have specially design programme cater to your need. 

Photo: @camp5climbinggym (Instagram)

2. Jump Street Asia (trampoline park)

Being the first Malaysia indoor trampoline park located in Kuala Lumpur jumping on a trampoline wasn't just the only thing you can do. To add more fun and challenge, you can try out their slam dunk, dodgeball, big airbag, velcro fly wall and many more. Time to show off your skills and impress the kids from the block.


 Photo: @jumpstreetasia(Instagram)


 3. Super Park Malaysia (indoor activity park)

Looking for all in-one place with variety of activities suitable for kids and adult? Look no further! Super Park is an all-in-one indoor activity park originated from Finland with over 20 exciting sports game and activity. Try all the activities from adventure area, game area and freestyle hall. So many activities to get you moving!


Photo: @superparkmy (Instagram)


4. Laser Battle Kuala Lumpur  (laser tag)

As the pioneers of Laser Tag in Malaysia, the offers more than 55 choices of game modes raging from standard easy to advance. Experience the excitement and adrenaline rush as you can pick up special powers, score hit points with target and destroy team base. So gear up and get read to battle! May the force will be with you, always.


Photo: @laser_battle (Instagram)


6. Flow Rider (surfing)

Always wanted to experience surfing but live in the city? Head on to Flow Rider at 1Utama Shopping Centre. Either you are a beginner or looking to improve your surfing skills, with the help of their professional instructor and lessons you can flowriding and surf perfectly in no time. Beside it's a win-win situation for both you and partner as you are able to enjoy your surfing and they can enjoy shopping at 1Utama. 



Photo: @flowrider1utama (Instagram)


7. Fly Project

Wanting a more upbeat, motivating, feel your adrenaline pumping and push your limits kind of workout? Fly Project might be the one for you. With an action-pack and full body workout combine with high-energy music, and lighting system Fly Project is Kuala Lumpur's biggest fitness boutique centre. They offer indoor spins, rhythmic boxing, yoga, pilates, circuit training and climb classes. Together with their instructors, you can crush your fitness goals. 

Photo: (website)

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