Keyless Entry: Yes or No?

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Some of you may own a car that comes with keyless entry. What is it you might ask? Essentially, it is a system that allows you to unlock your car door without using the physical key itself. Instead, it uses a radio frequency transmitter that is linked to a control receiver located within the vehicle. In a nutshell, you can unlock your car door by grabbing the door handle with the key within yourself or by pressing a button on the door handle on some cars.

But there are some concerns regarding the idea of accessing your car remotely. Some cases occur whereby thieves can unlock and steal your car by using the same technology. So, the question stands. Is keyless entry better? Or should we just stick to regular keyed entry? To answer this question, we must look into a few scenarios. The first comes in the form of convenience.




The main reason as to why keyless entry systems exist is to aid the convenience of the driver and their occupants. Having the system allows you to access your car without having to fumble your pockets or bags for the car keys in order to access the car. The best scenario is when you have your hands full with shopping bags or boxes, and you won’t have to worry about using the physical key to unlock your car, as the car itself supports keyless entry.




Another good point of having keyless entry is the added layer of security. Some cars have pin access as well. So once you’ve unlocked your car, you will need to enter a specific pin in order to immobilise the car alarm.


Mobile Access


Some companies also offer keyless access using your smartphone. In a nutshell, you can control some of your car’s functions from a special app on your smartphone such as adjusting the climate control, opening and closing the windows and even locking and unlocking your car doors. Currently, Proton has the said features with their latest X70 SUV. But if you want to get the specific features for your car, there are companies that offer that system.




A concern of having such a system in your car means that it is susceptible to thieves gaining access to your car using a similar receiver and radio frequency transmitter. If they succeed in entering your car, chances are that they might be able to start it and drive off. 




One way to help reduce the risk of your car getting stolen or broken into is by adding a telematics device in your car. Having such a device means you will be notified every time an incident occurs to your car. Whether it is someone knocking your car or even an attempt to gain restricted access, you will receive all notifications on your mobile app. 



Now, to answer the question. Is keyless entry better or should we soldier on with the run of the mill keyed entry? To put it simply, yes. Keyless entry is better, provided that you install a telematics device in your car. If you’re interested in purchasing a telematics device for yourself, you can always make your way to our online store.

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