Original or Aftermarket Infotainment Systems: Which Is Better?

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We all know that most modern cars come equipped with an in-built infotainment system of a certain type, and that boils down to the make and model. Brands like Ford have their SYNC3, Mazda has their MZD Connect, Mercedes-Benz has the COMAND system and Audi with their MMI system. However, not all cars are equipped with a specific ecosystem to add to the driving experience for the driver. That’s why in this article, we are gonna discuss whether or not aftermarket infotainment systems are a viable buy or not.


Better Usability


Of course, the stock infotainment systems listed above are not just for show. They provide a multitude of features aids the driver during their day to day commute. For example, the stock system gives you a built-in navigation system that projects a clear display of the map as well as an easy to use smartphone integration. Connecting your smartphone in certain cars enables you to use either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


Better Connectivity


Doing so means you can use certain smartphone applications while you drive. The features list is limited for better driving safety, but there are a few user favourite applications that can aid the driver’s commute such as Waze, Spotify and even make hands free calls using the specified prompts - Hey Siri and Ok Google.


Better Variety


However, not all cars are equipped with the conveniences of smartphone integration. Which is why a number of car owners opt for the aftermarket section. They have various infotainment systems at different price points. So, you can opt for infotainment systems that has more features than the standard stock system that comes with your car. 


Better Safety


Safety is of course essential to everyone, regardless of wherever you are. As such, we would definitely recommend you to get an infotainment which can also track your location for safety purposes. Not only that, purchasing an infotainment system with safety in mind also comes in the form of maneuverability. Some purchases of an aftermarket infotainment system also grabs you a reversing camera and a dash cam recorder.



But, purchasing one of these devices and installing them into your car does pose a problem. Will it void your original manufacturer’s warranty? That depends on one factor. Does the installation of the infotainment system require you to cut the wires that connect to your car’s onboard computer? Or can it be done using “plug-n-play” methods? If it revolves around cutting the wires, then we would advise you not to get it. On the other hand, if it only requires clipping the wires in a “plug-n-play” setup, then you’re good to go.



In order to avoid the former factor, be sure to check with the distributor whether it requires you to cut your wires. If it doesn’t, then you can install the system into your car knowing two things. That your warranty won’t be voided and that you can use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in your car during your daily commute. On top of that, with safety in mind, you can also drive around knowing if any incident involving you occurs, you can always use your in-car telematics system for your own convenience and safety.

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