3 Reasons Why A Career In IoT Is A Good Idea

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The internet of things (IoT) industry is evolving rapidly and it is shaping how we function as a society over the next few years.  The possibilities for IoT are limitless but three major benefits of these technologies will reshape the workplace as we know it: data, communication and automation. From wearables to telematics to smart homes, businesses and consumers alike are captivated by the technology’s potential.

In order for the industry to reach its full potential, it will require highly skilled and technical staff across disciplines. Not only are people needed to create these technologies, but maintaining them will be a critical job as well. Here are 3 reasons why a career in IoT is a good idea.


Ever Evolving


In order for the internet of things to succeed, you need to be able to build things. In this case, it’s the things and the network that supports internet connections. One of the biggest engineering skills in demand in IoT is the ability to make two devices work nicely with one another, which requires a deep understanding of APIs and SDKs. IoT is all about data and if you are the one taking care of designing and implementing the architectures and programming them, your expert opinions would have a voice that will resonate with the top management. Your opinion could be the leading voice for future trends, and it is important to stay enthusiastic while you are at it. 


Ideas Driven Ecosystem


All the amazing innovations happening right now such as home automation, automotive mobility and more around the world are implementing IoT. You can live your wildest sci-fi ideas and visions when you have hands-on exposure and experience on IoT and its implemented devices. You can build from scratch or prepare algorithms or working with third-party software and hardware that would complement your goals. Once the products are built and secure, the real value of IoT emerges in the form of capturing and analysing the data. The possibility of expansion is limitless, these fantastic abilities of IoT devices will get smarter over time with more data being utilised and implemented to the infrastructure, it is extremely useful to reinvent new business opportunities. 


Making A Change 


IoT platforms have a key role as an enabler to design and implement new, potentially disruptive business models. The advancement and orchestration of the business ecosystem should leverage those platforms to co-create customer value. We are just on the verge of 'smart offices' becoming the norm. Sensors and beacons embedded throughout the office can help with convenience factors like finding parking and open workspaces. With the aid of IoT, the transportation authority can analyse the amount of data through sources such as ticketing and vehicle sensors to set up a plan on improving the services and providing information to users. Traffic safety can also be analysed by tracking traffic, speed and weather conditions. If you are up for making a change in the industry, knowing that a single decision today can rewrite your entire future.


What do you think? IoT is a good idea but do you have what it takes to make it work for you?  Are you ready to unlock your true potential and be part of the change in the automotive landscape in Malaysia? Head on over to https://omnimatics.io/department/Technology to find out available jobs in Omnimatics.

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