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In modern-day cars, there are lots of different ways to spec your car to your very own liking. Be that as it may, there are manufacturers in Malaysia which don’t offer such a luxury, and thus taking it upon themselves to customize the cars to attract various buyers. Now, this may sound like a good idea, but there are some modifications which are rather unnecessary and serves no purpose. As such, this list narrows down a list of features that you don’t need in your next new car.


Fake grilles and vents


How do I start this? Car manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon by implementing a plethora of fakery with the grilles and vents. Brands like Mercedes-Benz and Audi are guilty of doing so with fake exhaust outlets. How, you might ask? With chrome surrounds by the bottom of the bumpers, the designers moulded the chrome to emulate an exhaust outlet. When in fact, the actual exhaust is hidden below the bumper. The best example would be the Proton Perdana (Accordana). In this regard, no chrome-y bits are used but they literally painted the exhaust mouldings in body colour. For sure, if you were to spec your Perdana in black, it hides the unsightly mouldings nicely. Get it in a lighter colour and the mouldings stick out like a sore thumb. As for actual performance cars, there is one example which also makes the list. The Honda Civic Type-R (FK8R) with those massive vents. Little did you know that most of the vents are actually there for cosmetics.


Cosmetic Enhancement Packages


I’m sure you’re aware of cars with appearance packages from automakers such as Honda (Modulo), Perodua (GearUp), Kia (NOVUS) and even Toyota (TRD Sportivo). Of course, these packages are there to help buyers make their cars more desirable in their eyes. As for others, it seems like a complete waste of money as the extra costs don’t add to the performance even though the packages makes the car appear sporty. I'll take Toyota's TRD Sportivo package for this list, with nothing more than "sporty" appearance upgrades. When in fact, they're pretty much useless with all of those red stickers and red highlights. Of course, to each its own. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. However, if you’re going to spend money on making your new buy look fast, why not spend it on proper incremental modifications that will accentuate your car’s performance? Something to think about, I’m sure.


Oversized Wheels and Tyres


Another trend that buyers seem to love is huge alloy wheels. Some mentionable examples in today’s market are the Perodua Axia Style, Proton X70 Premium, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and even the Mazda 3 & 6. These cars have wheel sizes that are rather large and hampers on the overall ride and comfort. The Mercedes-Benz A200, for instance, rides on 18-inch alloys. For a car that small to come with stock 18-inch wheels, it'll result in an uncomfortable ride. Not only does it not ride well, but the suspension setup is also on the harsh side. Fuel consumption is also an area of concern with cars riding on large wheels. Drive the A200 with 18-inch wheels for long distances and you’ll see the results. Then we have the Proton X70 Premium with those massive 19-inch wheels. Undoubtedly, they look good. On the downside, the large wheels will also affect the ride and comfort, fuel consumption and to top things off, big wheels mean big tyres. Imagine having to change just one tyre, those Continental UC6 SUV tyres costs RM800++ per doughnut. So, oversized alloy wheels on regular day cars are an absolute waste of money for consumers.


Excessive Drive Modes


Modern-day cars also come with various driving modes to suit each driver’s preference. While that may be useable for cars with actual performance and handling prowess, other cars like family crossovers and minor superminis are not on that level. For instance, cars like the Honda City, Jazz and HRV Hybrid models come with their versions of “Sport” modes. In a nutshell for Honda’s iteration, it’s merely getting the majority of the power from the internal combustion engine, meaning the power is engine biased. However, on cars such as the Renault Sport Megane, Mercedes AMG A45/A35 and Mini JCW Cooper, they have legitimate sport mode settings, which alters the car’s characteristics such as the throttle and steering inputs and suspension damping (if so equipped). 



Now, these points I’ve made are very debatable to some of you out there. Some of you may disagree with the points made, while others may consider these points when buying a new car. Of course, if you don’t mind the extravagant features and convenience, there’s no problem in that. On the other hand, if you’re going for the cost-effective route, this list should appeal to you.

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