5 Ways To Reduce Your Vehicle Fuel Usage & Expenditures

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Car Maintenance And Engine Check-Ups


Keeping a regular service schedule for your vehicle can prevent your car from breaking down. Replacing those old and worn out parts so the engine works more efficiently. Telematics device provides diagnostic data for your vehicle and it is able to remind you of your next car maintenance schedule to ensure that your car is always in good condition.

Plan Your Journey Ahead


Before you starting any journey, always remember to plan ahead in order to select the best routes to take on. With the aid of the telematics system, you are able to save fuel by avoiding heavy traffic routes. All these data will be collected and then monitored to help improve your driving behaviors. Besides, in order to reduce fuel consumption, you can remove any unnecessary load from the vehicle.

Drive Slowly And Steadily


If you do not want to exceed your monthly fuel budget limit, always remember to go easy on the accelerator. In a situation such as when driving off from a traffic stand-still, be gentle with the pedal. Stay on the middle lane and drive according to the speed limit, by doing that you can be spared from receiving traffic summonses. Remember to drive without hitting the brake too aggressively or accelerating too fast, that is the key to reduce your fuel consumption.

Reduce Leaving The Vehicle Idle


Do you know that leaving your vehicle on idle consumes a lot of fuel? Therefore, when needed to stop your vehicle for a long period, it is better to turn off the engine to save fuel. By stopping the engine, you can actually make the air healthier by cutting down on hazardous pollution in your town or community.

Optimising Vehicle Utilisation


By using telematics system, you can now analyse maintenance issues, such as highest breakdown rates and highest repair costs by vehicle make and model. This way, you can determine which vehicles would be most advantageous to sell or replace in order to control fleet size and performance.

With these tips, you will not be feeling the pinch with fluctuating petrol prices now!


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