Better Incentives Comes With Better Driving

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When it comes to motor insurance, there’s always the thought of the high premium numbers to think about. The same goes when you are getting yourself a car that has a large capacity engine and a high price tag. Obviously, the amount differs due to the displacement of the engine amongst other criteria. This is because different cars have different engine displacements, engine types and power outputs. 

Once that is sorted, you will need to think about the other factors that could affect your insurance itself such as accidents, break ins, theft and even chances of death. As such, there is a viable solution. That said solution comes in the form of telematics based insurance policies. To be more exact, we recommend Omnimatics Fleet. How this helps you as a policy holder and driver, is that you as a driver can actually track your car's whereabouts and be notified of any incidents that may happen to your car.

However, in this case of telematics based insurance policies, you as a driver will play a big role. A role that is constantly overlooked by drivers and usually affected when it comes to the annual insurance renewal. Why is this a big issue you might ask? This is so to avoid the With the telematics device installed in your car, you as a driver can actually enjoy much lower insurance premiums. How is that possible you might ask? Insurance companies can score drivers points based on the driving behaviour. To put things into perspective, having a telematics device can actually show how your behaviour is like on the road. 

From the acceleration rate and braking rate, the telematics device can track your input as a driver. Also, the device itself can also send real-time notifications to your mobile device and alert your policy holders of any incidents whilst on the road. To wrap things up, driving carefully can be rewarding for you. Especially in this case since you as a driver can enjoy lower fees for your insurance premiums.


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