How Does Telematics Improve Driving Behaviour?

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A telematics device is commonly used by fleet and logistic companies to track the whereabouts of their fleet. Did you know that telematics devices help enhance driver safety by providing insights into how drivers like you and I drive on the road? Telematics devices collect driving behaviour data and alert fleet managers to identify risky drivers where necessary or disciplinary action can be taken, thus making the road safer for everyone.

Highlight and mitigate the driver's risky behaviour

Telematics data provides you insights into how your driver’s driving behaviour. OmniFleet can identify bad driving behaviour once the telematics device is plugged in. This allows you to track the vehicle’s location and find out whether your drivers are overspeeding, hard braking, fast accelerating, or committing other bad driving offenses. You can use these insights when it comes to their performance evaluation. You can obtain evidence such as date, time and place of incident, along with the number of offenses per trip in the OmniFleet report to offer them constructive criticism.  

Here are the definitions of risky driving behaviour:

  • Overspeeding -The vehicle exceeding the set speed limit. A violation is triggered when the vehicle speed exceeds 110 km/h (Default national highway speed limit)
  • Hard Braking - A sudden deceleration in speed over a short period of time (sudden brake). The impact of this event would have caused the driver to be thrown forward onto their steering wheel. A violation is triggered when the vehicle goes beyond 1.5g within 1.5 seconds
  • Fast Accelerating - An increase in speed over a short period of time. The impact of this event would have caused the driver to be thrown back into their seat. A violation is triggered when the vehicle goes beyond 1.5g within 1.5 seconds
  • Rough Driving - When the car is turning at a certain high speed, or with spikes of fast acceleration or hard braking. A violation is triggered when the vehicle's turn goes beyond 0.5g within 0.5 seconds
  • Idle - The status of the vehicle when the engine is On but is still stationary. A violation is triggered when the vehicle is idle for more than 15 minutes
  • No Warm-Up - To maintain a vehicle's engine longevity, it is recommended to warm up the engine before driving especially in cold weather. This is done by letting the engine run for a few minutes before driving. A violation is triggered when the vehicle starts moving before 150 seconds upon starting the vehicle after 7.5 hours.

Utilise driver's insight to reward safe driving behaviour

The use of telematics technology can be an effective enabler for better enforcement and safety compliance on roads. If you are planning to create a company culture that is progressive in growth and fosters critical incident performance appraisal, the OmniFleet management platform can help streamline your human resource efforts and improve driver retention. Drivers who come with years of experience and reputable skills should be kept as they are valuable assets to the company. Therefore, an effective coaching effort should be put in place by rewarding drivers who reflect good behaviour. OmniFleet management can provide reports such as distance traveled, fuel consumption, violation overview, vehicle idling to assist you in carrying out an employee-focused driver program.

  • Trips Report - Breakdown information of trip(s) over a period of time
  • Idle Report - Accumulated Idle time of vehicle(s) over a period of time
  • Speeding Report - Registered top speed of the vehicle(s) over a period of time
  • Violations Report - Accumulated of driving habits and occurrences that fail to comply with good driving behaviour over a period of time
  • Violation Breakdown Report - Breakdown information of violation(s) over a period of time
  • Distance Report - Breakdown information of total distance traveled by vehicle(s) over a period of time
  • Daily Summary Report - Breakdown of vehicle statuses over a period of time


 How it benefits my family and I

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We’re not just for businesses! This telematics device can be installed into any of your personal vehicles and you can monitor whoever is behind the wheel; it could be your family member or friends who are driving your car. If you are worried about your kids driving recklessly, rest assured, you can now have a peace of mind as you can always stay on top of their whereabouts. You will be informed immediately in the event of an accident, the telematics device will notify you via the OmniFleet mobile app. Keeping your family safe is your utmost priority, so be there for them, even when you physically can’t.


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