SUVs are more popular than sedans. Why?

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In this day and age, SUVs are more popular than their sedan counterparts. Why is this so? As it turns out, the entire SUV trend started back in the 1970s when Land Rover created the original public facing Range Rover, but its heritage goes back to the 1940s when it was deployed as a transporter during the war. Fast forward to the 70s and the first generation Range Rover was born.

Ever since then, the SUV market bloomed with various car makers coming out with their own iterations of SUVs. Even today, cars like the Proton X70, Perodua Aruz and Honda CRV continue to soldier on as the most popular SUVs in Malaysia based on, with booking figures rising as we speak. So, the consumers must be correct with their purchases right? In this article, we’ll be talking about SUVs and why they’re so popular amongst Malaysians.


Why are there so many on the road?


As mentioned above, SUVs first became popular thanks to the Brits with the original Range Rover. Their aim was to build a car that was primarily utilitarian and luxurious at the same time. Not long after, other car makers followed the same direction with their own iterations. For example, Mercedes-Benz brought the G-Wagon and Jeep revived their Wrangler. Now, these examples are merely revamped versions of their original predecessors. However, not all carmakers have their breadwinning models. As such, other car makers dove into the path of creating SUVs trendy and attractive with outrageous and quirky designs. I'm pretty sure you've seen a number of weird yet unique looking SUVs on the road, some of which would either make you question its existence or whether or not it'll suit you.


Are SUVs better than sedans?


Personally, SUVs are in many ways better than sedans. Why? It's simple. SUVs are a lot more trendier and classy than sedans. I'll even go to the extent of saying that sedans are looking a tad bit old fashioned. But of course, this is a personal opinion. Also, SUVs provide better benefits for the users especially in Malaysia where we have a lot of patchy roads and flash floods. Having a high riding SUV means you won't have to worry about the inconveniences of typical Malaysian roads. To conclude this point, sedans are practical in almost every way. But, SUVs can do the same but with added value and useability. For instance, you wouldn't want to drive through a flash flood in a low riding car like sedans and hatchbacks now would you? 


Is there a saving grace for sedans?


Of course, sedans are still relevant in today's automotive world. They cater to the market that prefers a car that can be used as a people mover and also be passable as a business car. The best examples of sedans which can be used for both purposes are the Honda Civic, BMW 3 Series and even the Volkswagen Passat. These cars are the most sought after models in the market due to its overall packages with relatively affordable price tags. But if you're looking for options which won't break your bank, then alternatives such as the Proton Persona, Honda City and Toyota Vios are commendable options.



Now, back to the original statement. SUVs being more popular than sedans. Why? Because they offer more practicality and usability for individuals. What do you think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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