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When it comes to car maintenance, we would definitely take all matters into consideration for what’s best of our cars. From the regular engine oil checks and coolant checks, it might seem like all areas of maintenance has been taken care of. However, there is one factor that is often overlooked by even the most careful drivers. The four doughnut on each corner of the car we call tyres. The one main thing that separates us from impending danger, is one that requires proper and regular maintenance.


Regular Tyre Pressure Checks



The most simple and convenient way to ensure your tyres conditions is by doing regular tyre checks. It is as simple as going to the gas station and checking your tyres at the air pump. To make things even easier, when you’re doing your weekly refuel session, just be sure to head over to the air pump to check on your tyres conditions. Speaking of which, the best time to pump air is once every week or even once every two weeks. 


Check Your Tyre For Damage



One of the ways to know if your tyres are damaged is when you experience any abnormal driving behaviour. So, if you notice any knots, cracks, bulges or weird surfaces, be sure to consult with a qualified technician and get his professional opinion. If you think one opinion isn’t enough to warrant you any action needed, get a second opinion. Once you have a few opinions, compare them and come up with a solution.


Repair Kits



Say for example you’ve hit a nail or sharp object on the road and your tyre has gotten a puncture, you can opt to change the tyre yourself which might not provide the best results. Another option is to get yourself a tyre repair kit. A recommended kit comes from OKO with their ‘Get-u-Home’ tyre repair kit. Each purchase of a tyre repair kit bags you a compact compressor, tyre sealant and instructions to get you up to speed on how to use the kit.


Avoid Unnecessary Tyre Spins



This point is directed to those of you who live in areas with unpaved roads, specifically mud and dirt roads. If you find yourself stuck in a mud hole or uneven road surfaces, do not engage in impulsive acceleration as it weakens the tyres and causes the tyres to overheat. This would result in non-repairable tyres. Instead, use a gentle back and forward rocking motion to slowly free your vehicle from being stuck.



To conclude this article, tyre maintenance is crucial for the wellbeing of your car and its occupants. Just remember to regularly check on your tyres before embarking on a long drive, and even short trips as well.


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