Enhance Your Driving With These Add-Ons

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Driving can definitely be a tiresome thing to do. Imagine being stuck in traffic for long hours and having to deal with imbeciles in the car in front. So, there will definitely be a sense of stress and angst when behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are a few remedies and accessories that you can add to your car which will help ease the stress.


Car Coffee Maker

Now this might be a weird contraption to have, but trust me. It’s gonna save yourself from the morning traffic horrors. Get yourself a good cup of coffee while on your way to work, in your car! With this, you might not even want to stop by coffee stores or petrol stations just to buy coffee. Just prep the coffee packs as you leave your home, plug the device into your car charger and drive off knowing your hot cup of coffee is always ready for your consumption.

If you want to experience the convenience of coffee making without the extra energy spent on the external factors, then get yourself one of these babies and drive to work happy!

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In-Car Telematics

Of course, another way to enhance your driving experience is by adding a telematics system onboard your car. By having the system fitted into your car, you can view your past trips and also revisit where you have driven your car. Not only that, as you as the owner will receive notifications on any incident that occurs on your car. For example, if your car has been bumped by someone else, you will receive a notification of the said incident.

For your information, Omnimatics does provide this system. If you are interested, head on over to our online store to find out more.



Mirror Dash Camera

For sure, there are times where you as a driver might have been hit or been involved in an accident and you really want to prove your innocence. Nothing screams proof better than visual receipts. Having a dash camera like this really does save you from insurance fraud and accidents. The design is also pretty covert, as the camera itself is concealed within the rear-view mirror. Oh, there’s also a neat touchscreen embedded within the mirror itself. You can activate the recordings and view past footage from the screen itself.

Installation is also a doddle. Just clip on the dash camera against your cars rear-view mirror and route the wiring to the car charger port. Not just that, the camera will also begin recording automatically when you start the car to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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In-Car Air Purifier

In Malaysia, the weather fluctuates frequently with different weather predictions. For your car, the variation of interior upholstery can also be affected. By affected, I mean the bad smell from the long use and the exposure to the various weather conditions. As such, a suitable solution comes in the form of the in-car air purifier. A simple and compact package that can help in cleaning the air around you while you drive definitely comes in handy. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where the smell of the inside of your car smells musty. Get yourself one of these babies and the horrid stench will no longer be there.

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USB Emergency Tool

A life-saving tool indeed. This little contraption packs a punch when it comes to dangerous moments in your car. Say for example you’ve been pinned to the side by a large sand truck. You can’t get out of the car as the body panels are crumpled and your seatbelt can’t be unbuckled. The emergency tool has a few tricks up its sleeve that can save you. In the case of the body panel issue? Just use the glass puncher to break the glass. As for the seatbelt, use the built-in cutter to cut your way to freedom and safety.

The actual tool has a small footprint, so you can basically store it inside the glove box or the center storage bin. Get yourself one from the link below.

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