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Travelling is always fun, especially when you have the foundations of a specific trip laid out properly. For instance, if you were to plan a vacation to any state in Malaysia, the most common practices in ensuring the stay goes on smoothly comes in the form of the hotel booking and budgeting for the entire trip. However, for those of you who have those figured out but one crucial criteria isn’t all that clear, it would usually be your mode of transportation.
In Malaysia, not everyone has a car. Usually, the reason behind it comes in the form of repayment and the overall cost to own and run the car. Not to worry, instead of breaking your bank to afford a car, you could always use public transportation. Below is a list of the hassle-free transportation modes for your long and short distance travels.

Railway Transportation


Say for example that you’re living in Klang Valley and you want to make a trip to any state for a holiday. You can always use the railway system such as the LRT, MRT, BRT, KTM, ERL and even the Monorail to get to your destination. Using the railway system is both hassle-free and relatively frugal as the prices in total would be less than paying for petrol to drive. If you’re travelling in a group, the train ride would give you plenty of time to talk among each other and do more planning.



Obviously the ferry system is included in the list, especially when travelling to Penang or Langkawi. So, once you have embarked from the port, the ferry would be the most ideal mode of transportation to either Penang or Pulau Langkawi. Also, most ferries are equipped with a non-car section located on the upper deck. While on the ferry, most people would take the opportunity to capture pictures while travelling mid-sea. It is actually a relaxing way to travel. Especially since you don’t have to deal with other factors that can really turn your travel mood off.



Now, you would have reached the island with your luggage in hand and your smartphone out. If your hotel is located relatively far from the ferry port, the most ideal mode of transport would be a taxi. Instead of having to anchor down a taxi which is the conventional mode of travelling but not necessarily favoured by tourists, ignore that and use Grab. It’s the most easy way to move around town. Hailing a Grab car to your destination is super easy as you can do everything from booking a car and contacting the driver from your smartphone. Once your Grab car has arrived, you’ll only need to pay according to the current rate.



Let’s say you’re in the city center and driving isn’t the most logical way to travel, you can always use the public bus services. With stops located all around town and a few spots in the outskirts of the city, using the public bus is both cheap and also time conserving. If you’re looking to save on a few ringgit, there is also the free bus services. In both Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, be on the lookout for green buses and pink buses respectively. These buses have a fixed route to take, and it usually stops at the popular destinations.

Car Rentals


Another option to get around town would be to rent a car. That is if you don’t like to be dependant on other drivers around. There are a lot of car rental places dotted around the island or anywhere in the country. But if you want to get one without having to do any face to face interaction with the person in charge, you can always use GoCar. Their services are always ready to help when in need. The model lineup ranges from Nissan Almeras to Renault Capturs. Of course, security is always important. Which is why every car is fitted with a telematics device which aids in tracking and also viewing the status of each car. If in the event that the car you are driving has been involved in an accident, the folks at GoCar will be alerted immediately and will send help to your location. Other than that, you can enjoy driving around Penang island or anywhere else for that matter with your GoCar rental.
In conclusion, using public transportation is known as the smarter way to travel. Regardless of whether the distance is short or long. It also means that not every form of travelling requires your own car or bike.

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