The Importance Of Geofencing In Fleet Management

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You may ask, ‘Why do I need geofencing to manage my fleet?’ Let’s start with the definition of geofencing.

Geofencing, also known as a virtual fence, allows you to draw a series of boundaries on specific areas on a map. You can use it to find out the time, date and location when the vehicle entered or exited the area. You will be notified when it happens. Geofence works with the notification feature in order to keep you updated on the whereabouts of your vehicle.

Here are 4 reasons why geofencing could benefit your business and save you from overspending on a fleet management system.

Prevent theft

Your fleet vehicle is your important asset as they are your money-making tool. Keeping your fleet safe is the utmost priority. With geofencing, you can set boundaries within your office location and be notified once your fleet vehicle enters the area. By the end of the day, make sure all outbound vehicles are back to the office, otherwise, you can take immediate action to track the whereabouts of the vehicle. If  your vehicle was stolen or you’re suspicious of the behaviour, you can immobilise it immediately before further damage is done. 

Facilitate attendance tracking

Your employee attendance reflects their work credibility. Instead of spending thousands of ringgits to deploy an employee attendance system, you can utilise a fleet management platform to keep tabs on their attendance. Geofence is a good feature for time management, it keeps definite records of how long your employees were at a certain site, how long it takes for them to travel from point A to point B and most importantly, find out if your employee traveled out of the designated route during delivery. This will save you time and effort to consolidate their work hours when it comes to payroll.

Increase work productivity

If you find yourself constantly struggling to get work done on time, maybe you should consider letting geofencing automate your fleet processes. Geofencing can facilitate your supply chain operations by letting the recipient know the driver has entered the drop-off area. You do not need to have someone waiting by the gate, simply utilise the geofencing feature to notify all necessary parties involved. This has made the workflow more efficient as they can prepare all the necessary paperwork for unloading. 

Reduce employee slacking

Geofencing can provide you information on whether your employees are slacking or engaging in any unauthorised activities. Simply set a series of boundaries whereby employees are not allowed to travel to and receive notifications in the event it happens. Also, you can set geofencing only at a designated fuel station to prevent any fuel siphoning. This has proven to make a fleet managers’ life easier. 


There are many creative ways to utilise geofencing, you can save time and money. Moreover, geofencing could save you from theft and unnecessary risks once you work closely with your employees to figure out when and where is the right location to deploy them.

If you are interested in finding out more about what geofencing can do for you and your business, inquire today and we will be glad to solve your problems.

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