How Telematics Improves Road Safety

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Telematics has been streamlined over the years to suit the transport sector, fleet business and commercial driver. Fleet management solutions are proven to empower fleets to make serious safety strides. Here are 3 ways telematics could bolster fleet driver safety.


Telematics Could Monitor Driver Behaviour

Through telematics, you can gain valuable visibility into what happens behind the wheel. According to the Malaysia Institute of Road Safety Research and the General Insurance Association of Malaysia statistics, one road accident occurs every minute and one car is stolen every 24 minutes in Malaysia. This technology can determine how fast vehicles are moving and whether the drivers are accelerating too quickly or braking too harsh. With the collected diagnostics, you are able to prevent driver's behaviors that could jeopardise the safety of drivers and other motorists on the road. Through telematics report, you can identify areas where the larger team of drivers needs training and offer immediate one-on-one feedback.


Telematics Provide Live Fleet Tracking

Location tracking ensures drivers are focusing on their jobs and following designated routes. But knowing where drivers are at any given moment in the day can improve overall fleet reliability. If any driver encounters breakdown or misses a scheduled stop, you can be immediately being alerted via mobile app notification and dispatch necessary emergency assistance. When it comes to customer retention, you can provide customers with more precise arrival times, and if a driver is unable to make a scheduled appointment due to a breakdown or any other reason, you can send out a substitute driver to complete the assigned task.


Telematics Provide Maintenance

Reminders The maintenance of your fleet vehicles is important to keep your drivers safe and sound. Keeping track of vehicle maintenance could be difficult. Neglecting vehicle maintenance is a serious safety hazard and you can be punishable by law. Telematics remind companies about their vehicles are following proper maintenance schedules. You can prioritise which vehicles need to be serviced before others.


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